European Metallurgical Conference 2023 in retrospect

The CCD Sued, location of EMC-2023 and the presidents of GDMB, Dr. Peter Weber, HATCH Küttner GmbH and Dr. Eric Becker, Aurubis AG
Fotos: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

Key Notes from Research, Industry and Government

Salute by Mona NEUBAUR, Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Fotos (beide): Messe Düsseldorf / Protokoll

More than 300 visitors!

Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

EMC-2023 truly international!

Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

A vibrant and diverse Community

Chair Dr.-Ing. Josephine Mueller, voestalpine and the speakers Gaelle BUTIN and Yannan WANG, KU Leuven

22% of participants were female, 22% of speakers were female and 25% of chair seats were taken by women.

Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

Cutting-edge content!

Dr. Jörg Hammerschmidt, Outotec GmbH & Co KG, Nikolaus Borowski, SMS group, GER and Takashi MURATA, PhD MSc, WASEDA University, Japan

High-end quality of papers and presentation thanks to the Scientific Comittee of Montan University Leoben (chaired by Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. mont. Helmut Antrekowitsch and co-chaired by DI Dr. mont. Eva Gerold)
Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

Lively discussions!

Univ.-Prof. Walter FRENZ, RWTH Aachen  and Dr.-Ing. Sabina GRUND, International Zinc Association
Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

The spirit of creative minds!

Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

A positive atmosphere!

Fotos: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

Attractive side events

Community events on roof top of a skyscraper and in revitalized industrial building
The View on top of Melia Hotel and the show highlight during the festive evening in Dr. Thompson’s
Foto: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.



European Metallurgical Conference 2023

June 11th – 14th 2023

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

Organizer: GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.
Paul-Ernst-Strasse 10, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany;
President: Dr. Peter Weber,
Managing Partner (CEO), Küttner GmbH & Co KG

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf
Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, 40474 Duesseldorf, Germany

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

KEY NOTES (June 12th 2023, Energie)
Sven BECKER, State Chair of BDEW North Rhein-Westphalia und Spokesman for Trianel GmbH
Max GIERKINK, Manager Energiewissenschaftliches Institut, Cologne Universiy, Germany

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

KEY NOTES (June 13th 2023, production focus)
Miguel PALACIOS, EVP General Metallurgy, Atlantic Copper, S.L.U.
Dr. Heiko ARNOLD, COO Custom Smelting & Products, Aurubis AG

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

KEY NOTES (14. Juni 2023, Prozesses)
Nils VOERMANN, Global Managing Director, Technology, Hatch Ltd
Prof. Dr. Christoph HILGERS, Applied Geo Sciences and THINKTANK Industrial Resources Strategy, Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT)

European Metallurgical Conference 2023

Head of scientific committee: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Helmut Antrekowitsch, MU Leoben, Austria
Deputy: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Eva Gerold, MU Leoben, Austria


Post-reporting of the European Metallurgical Conference 2023

The European Metallurgical Conference 2023 (EMC-2023) took place between June 11th and 14th 2023 in Duesseldorf, Germany. More than 300 Metallurgists of the non-ferrous industry sector met to present latest findings and discuss requirements of the industry. Speakers traveled from as far as Taiwan and Japan, Australia, South and West Africa, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. to meet European non-ferrous metallurgists in Duesseldorf. And Europe was represented by participants from basically every country of the European Union.

The Maxime “Towards carbon-free and self-reliant energy supply for metallurgical processes” was resonated in more than 100 presentations. Plenary speeches focused on enablers for mobility and energy transition projects, namely Hydrogen, Lithium and De-carbonization. The broad portfolio of metallurgical research areas required a setup of three parallel sessions, which were usually very well attended. Some presentations attracted so many listeners that late-comers had to stretch their necks and listen from the door sill. The humming of lively discussions filled the floors over coffee breaks and lunch time.

The interesting program was assembled by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Helmut Antrekowitsch and Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Eva Gerold, both working at the Montan University of Leoben, Austria. Both paid special attention the international dimension of the EMC-2023, a well-balanced mix of topics and high quality of papers. Beyond this, they managed to demonstrate a diverse, young and vibrating non-ferrous metallurgical industry. 25% of all speakers were female, mostly young and fully competitive. 22% of chair seats were taken by woman and which is exactly the share of women in the over number of participants.

All over, the EMC-2023 was a mayor success. GDMB is sincerely grateful for all the support it received, starting by its Sponsors Hatch Küttner GmbH, Aurubis AG, Befesa Zinc Duisburg GmbH, Metso Oy, SMS groups GmbH, Nordenham Metall GmbH, Wieland-Werke AG und Nickelhütte Aue GmbH, giving also a big hand to all co-sponsors TMS, METEC & 6th ESTAD, IOM3, SAIMM, MetSoc, REWIMET, Messe Duesseldorf and Messe Karlsruhe, all participants, key note speakers & speakers, chairs, to the Scientific Committee, the Presidents and all other stakeholder.

A big THANK YOU! to all participants, contributers, sponsors and stakeholders!


Headed by: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Helmut Antrekowitsch, MU Leoben


Program EMC 2023
(subject to modificatons)


CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf,
Stockumer Kirchstraße 61,
40474 Duesseldorf, Germany


Registration opens on March 1st 2023

Key facts

Organizer GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.

Location CCD Congress Center Duesseldorf Stockumer Kirchstraße 61 40474 Duesseldorf; Germany

Date June 11th – 14th, 2023

Formats On-Site & Remote

Contacts GDMB, Paul-Ernst-Straße 10 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld +49 5323 937933


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01.03.2023 Registration opens (all)

24.04.2023 Final version paper (authors)

06.05.2023 Early-Bird period ends (all)

15.05.2023 Application free-entry tickets (students)

20.05.2023 Order deadline printed proceedings (all)

22.05.2023 Submission of presentation, Short-CV (presenters)

12.06.2023 Download conference papers, on daily baisis (all)


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