The Association

GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e. V.

GDMB. We support the future’s resources.

The GDMB Society of Metallurgists and Miners is an international forum for technical-scientific exchange of experiences between industry, public authorities and science. It is an important part of the international network in the areas of raw material extraction and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Our members are individuals, companies, university institutes and public authorities. They have expertise in geology, mining of raw materials and in the fields of processing, land rehabilitation and renaturing. They also include experts in all aspects of non-ferrous metallurgy from initial metallurgic extraction to recycling as well as the environmental technology connected with this.

The GDMB organizes regular meetings of specialist committees and working groups, and also colloquia, symposia and congresses on special themes serving international exchange of knowledge, which are open to all interested specialists wishing to extend their knowledge.

As a publisher of specialist literature, the GDMB is an important industry-specific source of information.

Furthermore, the events held by the regional groups offer excellent chances to maintain interdisciplinary contacts.

About GDMB

The GDMB is …

an internationally recognized society for the support of scientific, technological, economic, and ecological matters in the fields of raw materials and georesources, non-ferrous metallurgy, recycling, and environmental technology.

The GDMB sees itself as …

a competent, reliable, and trustworthy contact for members and those interested as well as an equal cooperation partner of international expert societies.

The GDMB supports …

a comprehensive advancement of its areas of expertise in terms of content, structure, and personnel, as well as a positive perception of its areas of expertise by the public.

The GDMB offers …

an efficient platform for the mediation, exchange, and expansion of expert knowledge in the areas of expertise in the form of internationally staffed expert committees, seminars, and conferences as well as through a network of national and international experts in their areas of expertise.

The GDMB supports …

young members in their professional and personal development by means of information and offers for internships, student research projects, and diploma theses as well as support in the form of scholarships. The GDMB also offers help with career entry by means of active support within the member network.